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About Us

Digital HUB is dedicated to the AI transformation of industries and implications for companies, people, and society. 

We provide hands-on training and services covering AI, Generative AI, Large Language Foundation Models, Machine Learning, and Data Science. 

We focus on key factors for safe, sustainable and scale implementation of AI in financial services, energy, and industrials.

A New Approach to AI Skills Development

The Digital HUB provides practical AI skills development including: hands-on comprehensive curriculum, tools and code, and a vibrant community of financial professionals.

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AI and Data Science Training and Certification

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Internet of Things (IOT) Gateway Systems and Method

Identity and Access Management Framework

Methods and System for Initializing Key Management System

Method and Apparatus for Managing a Key Management System

Security Maturity Assessment Method

System and Method for Providing Integration Via a Dial-Up Interface

Awards and Publications

Financial Industry Association, Montreal

Keynote, AI and Data Science skills development for financial professionals.

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Global Information and Management Award for contributions to the industry.

Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Societies

Keynotes on AI and Data Science education for financial professional at the CFA societies.

Black Book on Corporate Security

Co-author of the definitive book on corporate cyber security, Larsten Publications, Available on Amazon

The Black Book on Corporate Security

The overall mission of this book is to bridge the gap between security experts, technology experts, business experts and strategists.  This book provides the multi dimensional view of the cyber threats to organizations and offers best practices for proactive initiatives and remediation actions.