• Next Generation Skills Development for the Digital Economy

Market Environment

Financial services companies are planning large scale adoption of AI to improve risk management, operational efficiencies, and returns.  

So, what is stopping the mass roll out? 

Skills development is the #1 challenge for adoption of AI. A new approach is required to provide this massive re-skilling of professionals including hands-on, practical, and industry specific training.

The Digital Hub Approach

In response to the market requirements for AI skills development, the Digital HUB has created on-line “practical” course paired with the certification specifically for the financial professionals. Tested with major financial institutions, the Digital HUB skills development program consists of three components: hands-on curriculum, community of users, and ecosystem of partners and technology providers.


The Digital HUB curriculum is structured to deliver skills and practical training for financial professionals consisting of on-line modules including theory and hands-on sessions. Upon successful completion, a Digital Badge is awarded to the professional.  Curriculum modules follow closely the real-life workflows of the professionals in their job functions.


The Digital HUB skills development program includes a Community platform to support users and partner firms in collaborating and in providing tools and value add services.  The community network plays a key role in keeping the professionals engaged throughout their careers and foster Continuing Education and re-skilling beyond the initial training.

Newsletters and Publications

The Digital HUB Insights provides original, curated publications and newsletters to support continuing education for the financial professionals.  We integrate the state of the art technologies and it impacts and use cases in finance.  

Curriculum - Coming Soon!

The Digital HUB curriculum combines state of the art AI/ML technologies with deep knowledge of financial services workflows.  

Topics for the Investment Management curriculum is shown to the right.  Each topic contains theory, practical hands-on session paired with the investment management workflow, and a constructive learning quiz. 

The Investment Management curriculum is structured to benefit financial analysts, data scientists in finance, portfolio managers and investment officers, asset managers, and technical experts working in finance.

Time commitment for completing the curriculum, including quizzes and practical hands-on work, is in the range of 15-20 hours depending on your technical and coding background. 

Introduction to Investment Management Workflow

Python for Finance

Data Management

Python for Financial Data Management

Portfolio Construction- Part I

Portfolio Construction- Part II

Portfolio Optimization

Post Optimization Performance

Investment Selection

Creating the Portfolio

Tactical Asset Allocation

Creating Market Dashboards

Risk Management 



Capstone Project